About Me

IMG_0676My name is Margaret Howard, I am a library manager in the suburbs of Richmond Virginia.

  1. I do not review books with the main point being whether I liked it or not, but who I would recommend the book to and what I think its strong points are. This mimics how I perform reader’s advisory as a librarian.
  2. Although I occasionally read other genres, I mainly read adult fiction: literary fiction, relationship stories (families/friends/romantic), and suspense or mysteries.
  3. I will stop reading a book if I am not enjoying it. Life is too short. If I write about it, it was good enough to finish, which is a review in itself.
  4. I am a little fancy.

You can reach me at:

Twitter: @Miss_Librarian

Instagram: Fancy_librarian

Tumblr: Fancylibrarian.tumblr.com

“Every reader his/her book. Every book its reader.” – S.R. Ranganathan