The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Jane has secrets. Secrets she doesn’t want the wealthy women of Birmingham, Alabama knowing anything about as she walks their posh pets, trying to establish a new life for herself. These housewives have everything Jane has always envied: money, wealth, glamour, and stability, things that have eluded Jane as she has been passed from one bad foster home to another. When handsome, wealthy, widow Eddie starts to take an interest in Jane, things begin to come to her, including the attention of the town gossips. Suddenly Jane doesn’t feel like such an outsider, as she settles into a rhythm with Eddie and some of her new local friends seem to warm to her.

Only problem is the question of Eddie’s dead wife Bea, whose body was never found after she mysteriously drowned in a lake. Bea made millions off her decor and clothing company “Southern Manors”, and now all that money has been conveniently left to Eddie. While Jane continues to escape her past by running to Eddies arms, will she find something even more sinister in his embrace?

This book has surprises and twists that are reminiscent of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, with characters and a narration style that reminded me of the TV show You. Definitely a solid choice for fans of those venues, or anyone dreaming of Bravo picking up “The Real Housewives of Birmingham”.

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